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An overview of hiring and freelancing on workrockers.

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Find the job for your talent

WorkRockers is a great marketplace for finding the work according to your skills with no pressure and no limits. You can even grow your own freelance business on our platform.

  • Choose any project Workrockers gives you freedom to choose your ideal project based on your skills. Just register your account with us, mention your skills, and we will start showing all related jobs in your news feed.
  • Limitless opportunities and desired pay scale On WorkRockers, you are given opportunity to choose from hundreds of job according to the client’s budget and pay scale.
  • Strengthen your profileMore jobs you complete successfully more clients your profile will attract. Therefore, start delivering the quality work and keep bagging the good deals.

Get Hired

WorkRockers lets you apply for the projects you are really good at. Browse the projects and start delivering quality work.

  • Showcase your skillsYou get a chance to showcase your skills by adding your portfolio that attracts more clients.
  • WorkRocker LevelsFreelancers are categorized into various levels depending on number of jobs they have completed and rating they have received. Higher level means higher visibility of your profile.
  • Work With Global ClientsWorkRockers encourages freelancers to work with global clients and earn as much as they want.

Manage Everything in Workroom

A separate workroom will be created for each project where you will be able to manage your work and interact with client and team.

  • Easy CommunicationIn your project’s workroom, you can chat with your team and discuss the important aspects of your project with the client.
  • Send & Receive FilesYou can share important work files seamlessly with your team and client. WorkRockers supports all file types with various sizes for sharing in the workroom.
  • Track the ProgressWorkroom lets you track the progress of the project and manage work files efficiently.

Get paid on time

WorkRockers ensure that you always get paid for the work you have done. This is why all our projects are pre-funded where client’s payments are kept safe in escrow before the project is started.

  • All the payments are made through WorkRockersAll your payments will be made securely through WorkRockers in a streamlined way.
  • Get paid after each milestone completionAs soon as you complete a milestone decided by the client, you can generate an invoice and request payment. You will receive your payment as soon as client approves the work.
  • Multiple payment optionsChoose the payment method that works best for you. WorkRockers will charge a service fee of 12.5% which is applicable on all the money you earn through our platform.

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